Sink into a spa treatment

With two resident massage therapists, you can indulge in a daily massage, sink your heels into a pedicure or relieve yourself of the sun with a locally-sourced seaweed wrap. Overlook the Caribbean Sea, listen to the waves and the tinkering of steel drums, and escape to our spa.

Quick Facts

2 Massage Therapists turneffe_spa-1
12 Treatments turneffe_spa-2
1 Daily Special turneffe_spa-3

Our Treatments

Swedish Massage

Indulge in our Swedish Massage, a therapeutic treatment that relaxes the body and mind with gentle pressure.

Deep Tissue Massage

Intensely targeting deep tissue and chronic tension, our Deep Tissue Massage eases tense, sore muscles.

Head, Neck & Shoulder Massage

Ease the tense muscles in your neck and shoulders with our intensely satisfying Head, Neck & Shoulders massage.

Hot Stone Therapy

Melt tension away with the warmth of Hot Stone Therapy. Smooth stones and oil are warmed and massaged into the body for maximum relaxation.

Body Scrub - Honey & Brown Sugar Scrub, Sea Salt Scrub or Mud Scrub

Scrub the sea spray off your skin with our Body Scrub. Sugars buff and honey hydrates for your smoothest, softest skin.

Mud Wrap

Detoxify the skin with our Mud Wrap. Enveloping the body, our healing mud pulls impurities from the skin and deposits essential minerals.

Seaweed Advanced Sunburn Relief Wrap

Derived from Caribbean seaweed, our Seaweed Wrap relieves even severe sunburns, hydrating, nourishing and rejuvenating skin.


After hours under the sun and in the sea, we’ll hydrate weathered hands, polishing them off with an OPI colour of your choice.


Put your feet up and relax into a foot massage – we’ll scrub off the sea salt and polish your toes off with an OPI colour of your choice.

Mani & Pedi Combo

Combine a mani and pedi for indulged digits. Relax into a soak, scrub and massage before polishing nails off with OPI colours of your choice.


Rehydrate thirsty skin, parched from the Caribbean’s tropical sun and salty sea. Our facial cleanses, tones and revitalizes.