Frequently Asked Questions



  • How do we get to the island?

    We take you to the island via our private boat. Forty feet long, it comfortably seats all guests and staff, and we handle all of your luggage with care, securing it in the bow. The boat docks at the Radisson Fort George Marina in Belize City and departs at 3:00 p.m. every Wednesday and Saturday. You can either meet us at the boat by 2:30 p.m., or we can pick you up at the airport with our private, air-conditioned shuttle and drive you to the marina.

  • What can we do while we wait for the boat?

    You can either relax at the Radisson Fort George Marina, which offers our guests pool access (subject to an additional fee) and complimentary Wi-Fi, or we can coordinate an excursion in Belize City for you.

  • What happens if we miss the boat?

    We can schedule an alternate transfer for you at the additional cost of $450 each way. Helicopter transfers can also be scheduled at an additional cost.


  • Is there electricity?

    Yes. We have generator-powered electricity on the island, including two backup generators, and our buildings are equipped with solar panels.

  • What kind of electrical outlets are on the island?

    Our electrical outlets are the same as the United States: 110 Volt A.C. power.

  • Is there Wi-Fi?

    Yes. We offer complimentary Wi-Fi to all guests. It is satellite based. Due to our remote location, the signal could vary depending on different factors including weather.

  • Is there a TV in my room?

    Given the nature of our resort, guests typically prefer to unwind at the beach or by the pool, or recharge in the water. As such, there are no TVs in our rooms.

  • Is there a phone in my room?

    Yes, however, the phone in your room can only be used to call the office and the other rooms on the island. To call internationally, you can use our satellite connection in the office. There is a $5 US connection fee per call, plus a $1 US fee per minute, all of which will be charged to your room. There is no cell phone service on the island.

  • Do we need to bring cash?

    Because we’re an all-inclusive resort, you won’t need cash or cards day-to-day; we’ll charge any extra expenses (like alcoholic beverages) to your room for you to settle when you check out. We accept Visa and MasterCard on the island.

  • Do you rent equipment?

    We have limited equipment available to rent at the resort; as such, we encourage all anglers and divers to bring their personal equipment.


  • Can I drink the water?

    Yes. We desalinate the sea water for clean, running drinking water everywhere on the island. You can leave your water purification tablets at home.

  • Is food included?

    Yes. All of our packages include three meals per day, plus snacks. Alcoholic beverages can be purchased at an additional charge.

  • What kind of food do you serve?

    We serve three hot meals per day. We pride ourselves on our cuisine, which is made fresh from local ingredients wherever possible, mixing international flavours with Belizean flair.

  • What if I have allergies or dietary preferences?

    We can accommodate any allergy or dietary preference with adequate notice; because we purchase our groceries once to twice per week in Belize City, we need advance notice to ensure we’re prepared for your arrival. When you’re personalizing your stay with our staff, please advise them of your dietary requests.


  • Is the resort family-friendly?

    Yes. The majority of our guests are adults, given the nature of our resort, which caters to experienced divers and anglers. However, some of our villas can accommodate up to four guests, and kids can partake in the majority of the island’s offerings.

  • Is there a gift shop?

    Yes. Below the dining room is our office and guest shop, where you can purchase any forgotten necessities, like sunscreen and bug spray, or purchase a memento of your time on the island.

  • What payment methods do you accept?

    We accept Visa and MasterCard on the island. We’ll charge any extra expenses (like alcoholic beverages) to your room for you to settle when you check out.

  • Is there a pool?

    Yes. In addition to direct beach access from any room on the island, we also have an outdoor freshwater pool, conveniently located by the bar. You’ll find clean towels and comfortable lounge chairs by the pool.

  • Is there a spa?

    Yes. We’re proud to offer a spa on the island with two massage therapists. In addition to massages, we offer a suite of services for your relaxation.


  • How big is the island?

    The island is 14 acres, which means it’s walkable; from the presidential villa at the end of the beach to the dining room is only a few minutes on foot.

  • Can you shuttle off the island to the mainland?

    Yes! If you’d like to spend a day in Belize City, you can take the scheduled boat with our crew on Wednesday or Saturday morning, and return to the island with us at 3:00 p.m. We can also coordinate transportation for a different day at an additional charge.

  • How far is the Great Blue Hole?

    The Great Blue Hole is 1.5 hours by boat from Turneffe Island Resort, and we are the first boat to anchor there every week, as divers traveling from Belize City are venturing twice as far.

  • Will I see sharks?

    Given our location in the midst of the Caribbean Sea, we’re one with nature! The island is a safe locale with three resident dogs we know and love. You may sight birds or lizards from land, while your excursions into the sea may include sightings of turtles, rays or sharks (who are curious but shy!)

  • What’s the weather like? How warm is the water?

    We’re a tropical destination, so it’s typically hot! Our average temperature on land is 85ºF (29ºC). The average water temperature is 83ºF (28ºC).


  • What happens if my trip is delayed?

    If your trip is delayed, please notify us as soon as possible. Costs may be incurred; please review our Cancellation Policy before reserving your stay. We recommend you purchase travel insurance in the event of any unforeseen delays or cancellations.

  • What happens if I get hurt?

    We ask guests to exercise caution and safety when diving and fishing. The closest hospital and decompression chamber are in Belize City and San Pedro, respectively. Belize City is 1.5 hours by boat. If a helicopter is accessible, it is a 20-minute flight. Please ensure you purchase travel insurance for your trip.

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