Venture into the abyss

Whether you dive or snorkel, our day trip to the legendary Great Blue Hole is a must-experience. Descend to depths that drain the water of its color, where a gravesite of giant stalactites is the main attraction and the unnerving shapes of sharks emerge from watery voids.

Quick Facts

1.5 Hours by Boat turneffe_blue-hole-1
410 Feet Deep turneffe_blue-hole-2
8 Minutes at Depth turneffe_blue-hole-3

About our Great Blue Hole experience

Your day at sea

Our weekly trip to the Great Blue Hole is a full-day affair, included in the cost of every diving and snorkeling package (an add-on to fishing and relaxation packages). Beginning at Lighthouse Reef, divers and snorkelers explore the Great Blue Hole before cruising to Half Moon Caye and Long Caye Wall.

An attraction centuries in the making

Originally a limestone cave, the Great Blue Hole flooded and collapsed thousands of year ago in the Ice Age, becoming the watery abyss it is today. Located at the centre of Lighthouse Reef, 60 miles off the coast of Belize, it is the world’s largest underwater sinkhole, measuring 984 feet wide by 410 feet deep.

A geological wonder

Unlike diving destinations the globe round, the Great Blue Hole is not known for colorful coral or tropical fish. The colorless cave’s caverns and age-old stalactites – reaching lengths of 40 feet – are the main attraction, beckoning divers 130 feet into the rare geological formation.

Follow in the wake of Calypso

Sailing on his ship Calypso, legendary oceanographer, diver and undersea explorer Jacques Cousteau ventured into the Great Blue Hole in 1971. After exploring its limestone walls, he declared it one of the top ten dive sites on earth, making it a world-renowned and sought-after dive.

As soon as you jump in, you feel like you are in an aquarium. The coral is so vivid and lively, it's like an underwater forest.

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