Eddie g.


Turneffe Island Resort family would like to extend our deepest condolences to the family of one of our most beloved fishing guides, Eddie G. Eddie G. was an outstanding guide loved by our staff and guests, and contributed to many memorable experiences at TIR.

Thanks to all who have sent in beautiful comments about an incredible person. In memory of Eddie, we’d like to share some comments from guests that echo our feelings of how amazing he was and how he will be missed.


“Every so often one meets an exceptional person who is truly great in every way…Eddie was that kind of man”.

“My deepest condolences to his family. I have fished with Eddie many times in the past and he was a wonderful man. While fishing the flats we always stopped by his place to say hello to the family and all those kids. Each year I brought the kids something. He was a kind man and aimed to please the guests in every way he could. He loved fishing and island life. He will be truly missed”.

-Bob Verde

“We are so sorry!!! I am so glad Jim was able to speak with him while we were there! We do have some great pictures!! I will gather them and send an email asap, might be tomorrow evening! Please give Ursula (not sure I spelled that correctly!) a big hug from us as well as our condolences.”

-Laura Thompson

“I am so sorry to hear this news. He was a great man and I really enjoyed fishing with him and getting to know him. He was a true gentleman and will be missed terribly. He always had nice things to say about everyone”.

“Please send my condolences along to everyone there and I hope brighter days will be coming. My favorite memory with Eddie G. was the extra time he took to take me out before sunrise to the elbow to get an early start on the big fish, and we were able to spend some wonderful quality time just to get to know each other”.

“On a side note, he was the only person that told me that you COULD eat the barracudas !!!! I will try to find some pictures and send them your way”.

– Scott Shapero

“We were there last season, and I have always fished with Eddie. I am so sorry. Throwing a fly to a bonefish will surely never be the same. Such a great guide and wonderful person. Please pass on my sympathy to Eddie’s son and family. I will never forget Eddie!”.

-Lewis Grigsby

“Eddie was my first saltwater fly fishing guide and he taught me so much about the sport as well as about the ecology of Turneffe and secrets of fish. Eddie knew the flats like the back of his hand and he knew how the winds and tides would affect our catch. I enjoyed just walking and talking with Eddie. He was a bit of a philosopher, a great man, and friend”.

-Dave Wipperfurth

“Eddie was a great friend and a great fishing companion and guide. He was friendly, helpful, smart, and resourceful. He was always courteous, even when I made stupid mistakes. He did a wonderful job of helping our sons Will and Ben learn about saltwater fishing. He could read the water and the fish with great accuracy. Every day I fished with Eddie was a successful day. Finally, he was very kind. We often stopped to talk with local people we met on the water. He was generous to them, and the respect they had for him was obvious. Eddie was a good man”.

-Reid Carron

“On our first week ever on the island when we meet him he said to us: “If you ever need a volunteer to stay during a Hurricane and watch the island, I am your guy”.

-Maya and Alain Allemeersch

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