It’s well known that Turneffe Island Resort is a mecca for activities such a snorkeling, scuba diving, and fishing but did you know Belize is also becoming well known for other activities such as birdwatching?

In fact, every year in Belize there is a Bird-a-thon hosted by the Belize Bird Conservancy where teams compete to see who can observe the highest number of different species over a one-month time period within a five-mile radius of various lodges throughout Belize. Teams and eco-lodges alike compete to have fun, enjoy nature, and raise money for research, conversation, and education work for the Belize Bird Conservancy.

This year, Turneffe Island Resort hosted Dr. Lee Jones, a biologist specializing in the environmental studies and creator and founder of the Bird-a-thon contest. We hosted Dr. Jones on the island for four nights to explore the island and the surrounding waters to document which species of birds call Turneffe Island Resort and the Atoll home. Here’s what Dr. Jones had to say:

“Turneffe Island Resort is a truly magical place. Upon arrival, we were greeted with a rare Gray Kingbird, only the third I have ever seen in Belize, and right in front of our cottage! While admiring the kingbird, White-crowned Pigeons, once heavily persecuted in Belize, darted and dashed overhead as they came into roost in the grove behind the cottages. And just beyond the dock, Double-crested Cormorants busily attended their nests in the mangroves—an unexpected find, as this species was not previously known to nest on the atoll. All this on tiny Little Caye Bokel—proof that people and birds can live together harmoniously when properly managed.” – Dr. Lee Jones

If you are looking to experience different species like North American warblers, raptors or even white crown sparrows, we recommend to visit us between October and November for their peak migration.

To learn more about birdwatching in Belize, please visit: or, to learn a bit more about the species that call Turneffe Island Resort home and which birds you might encounter during your stay with us, send us a note at

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