Fall in love with our video contest



Well, we think a video is worth some awesome prizes so we’re launching a video contest – if you’ve been a guest with us, submit your TIR vacation videos for a chance to win prizes, including a discount off your next visit with us!

Here’s how to enter:

  • We’re only accepting video submissions via our TIR Facebook page. Please follow these instructions:
    • Make sure you follow our Facebook page: com/turnefferesort
    • Locate our Facebook post announcing the launch of the video contest (Posting on October 4th, 9th, 16th, 22nd)
    • Indicate which category you’re submitting for. We’re giving you three this time:
      • Best Turneffe Island Resort Video
      • Best Fishing video
      • Best Diving, Snorkeling video
  • Submit your short video by commenting on our #TIRVideoContest posts and uploading your video
    • We will post about the contest weekly starting October 4th to give you multiple opportunities to submit your video.
    • Make sure you:
      • Tag us in your comment (@turnefferesort)
      • Include the contest hashtag in your comment (#TIRVideoContest)
      • Include a short video caption for your submission in the comment
      • Your video submission must be 60 seconds or less
    • If you have successful met all the requirements for submission, we will reply to your submission letting you know we’ve received it and you’re in the running (no need to submit your video more than once)

What you’re competing for:

Across all submissions, we will be selecting a winner for three categories:

  1. Best Turneffe Island Resort Video
    • Videos submitted to this category should be of your time on the island. Have a fun video of George doing a magic trick, your time by the pool, a joke told at dinner? This is the category for you.
  2. Best Turneffe Island Resort Fishing Video
    • Videos submitted to this category should be of your time during one of the angling adventures we offer. Have a video of you or a friend reeling in an elusive bonefish? This category is for you.
  3. Best Turneffe Island Resort Diving/Snorkeling Video
    • Videos submitted to this category should be of your time off the island doing something awesome during one of the excursions we offer. Have a video of a shark sighting while snorkeling? We want to see.

The winner of the Best Turneffe Island Resort Video category will receive a 10% discount off their next stay with us that can combined with their return guest discount.

The winner of the Best Turneffe Island Resort Fishing and best Diving/Snorkeling Videos will receive a 50% discount off their activity package during their next stay.

Contest Details:

  • Contest runs from Wednesday, October 4th through Sunday, October 22nd
    • Judging will take place by October 23rd – 25th and winners will be announced October 26th
    • Submitted videos must have been taken by a Turneffe Island Resort guest during their stay or during an excursion offered through Turneffe Island Resort
    • Limit one video submission per person. No entries will be accepted via email.
    • All video submissions must be 60 seconds or less. Videos over 60 seconds will not be eligible to win.

Make sure to share your post and ask your friends to vote! The top two videos in each category with the most likes and comments will be presented to the judges. Judges will select a winner in each category.

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